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The launch of Big Showcase!

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The Big Showcase project has launched - Thank you to everyone who attended the launch party last night!

My manifesto commitment of “Facilitating opportunities to showcase portfolios, the ability to network with industry professionals and increasing access to relevant employability recourses” has materialised in the form of the Big Showcase. I have created a way for students to be able to have the opportunity to have their work showcased, as well as improving the confidence for students to have their work engaged with by their peers, the public and possible industry professionals.

During my time at Falmouth studying Press and Editorial Photography, I would always get nervous or insecure when pitching my photography work to newspapers or magazines. I lacked confidence in my abilities as an artist. Throughout the duration of my course this greatly improved, but I think back to the missed opportunities I could’ve had if I had this level of confidence from my first year.

This project looks to remedy that for other students.

I have worked with the SU and FXPlus to get permissions and funding for a rolling showcase across our campus spaces. This project will be ever changing and give students from all courses and year groups regular opportunities to have their art seen by the thousands of people visiting our campuses every day. Once per study block this showcase will be refreshed with new and exciting artwork from the student body. This project is completely free to the artist. Having access to money for printing and exhibition space can be a huge barrier for us as artists in getting our work out there, and it was important to me that this doesn’t get in the way of students being able to take part in the Big Showcase.

It is important that our art is shared! The art created by us should not be kept in a shoebox under our beds, it needs to be seen, understood, and appreciated! I hope this project empowers students to feel confident when sharing their art with the world.

This first showcase saw 28 artists submit close to 100 different pieces to the SU. I invited department reps to join a committee to curate the submissions to get the work ready for the exhibition. The SU and FXPlus absorbed all associated costs to ensure as many students could display their art in exactly the way they wanted.

The Big Showcase can be found in the library spaces on both Penryn and Falmouth campus, as well as some pieces in the upper Stannary.

It’s an absolute privilege to be able showcase the creative leaders of the future! Take the time to engage with and get inspired by the works of our incredibly talented students. Thank you to the students who submitted their work for display and FXPlus for their support in bringing Big Showcase to life.

- Luke Court (SU President Falmouth)


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