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President Falmouth: March 2021 Updates

Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth, provides an update on what she's been working on recently.

Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth, who is wearing a Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth

I have recently made some massive progress on my Collaborative Community priorities:

  • ‘CoLab’ (our new student collaboration platform) has been launched. It has over 500 members and lots of projects on the platform. We are hoping that as the return to campus allows for more ‘normalised’ student interaction the platform will be able to sit online parallel to their courses. Falmouth staff and I will continue to run department specific Cross Course CoLab, we’ve already run 3 successfully. They take place every 3 weeks at 6:00pm, if you’d like to pitch or join a team, please contact Simon Waite:
  • I have also been planning and in conversation with RealWorks and Launchpad to create our ‘Creativity and Innovation Summer School’ for graduates. The plan is to have real industry briefs, providing our students the chance to solve real world problems in industries they’d never think to look at, with the focus to present them with real opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, industry contacts and diversifying their portfolios. It will also flavour who our entrepreneurs are, so we can support them in their endeavours.

In terms of SU Space:

  • Amelia and I are currently in conversation about how we can modify/ move the SU Office. We want it to be more student welcoming and usable.

There have also been some notable improvements related to Strengthening Student Voice:

  • FRA students now have access to the Student Union website and CoLab.
  • Graduation conversations are being held, and I am meeting with Falmouth to discuss their decision.
  • Tri-weekly discussions with reps have been successful. We discussed Tuition Fees with a representative from Falmouth and employability worries with RealWorks, with more to come. The next one is your feedback on the SU.
  • ROS (Rep Online System) still gives us constant feedback that we now feedback to Student Experience Committee to close the feedback loop.

We are also making Tuition Fee Progress:

  • We’re regularly updating #easethefees Instagram page. We really need you to keep Contributing to that, because we are now working with NUS to provide DFE anecdotes from across the country.
  • Falmouth have also released their Finance Booklet in accordance with our Ease the Fees demands (which can be found here). This includes a breakdown of how student fees have been spent with a particular emphasis on Covid.
  • I am still meeting regularly with my sabbatical network to progress the conversation forward.
  • I am meeting with the Vice Chancellor to discuss Falmouth’s future conversations with DFE.
  • We are still waiting for a reply from Michelle Donellan regarding summer support.

I have been working alongside Charlotte on Equality Diversity & Inclusion.

  • The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group (ED&I) approved Charlotte and I’s paper to focus on 5 main topics this term and in the future:
  1. Decolonise the Curriculum,

  2. Transparency on Racism,

  3. Action SU feedback,

  4. Accessibility Review

  5. Engaging with Cultural Dates

  • We have also written a proposal for an ED&I Working Group alongside a Race and Equality Group, with the future vision to include more sub-groups for different representation purposes. Beyond this, we have requested that Melissa (Racial Equality PTO) be invited to the Race and Equality Working group (09/03/2021).

Check out the ongoing officer led campaigns at our Presidents' Campaign page, where each campaign is updated regularly. 



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