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President Elections 2022 Winning Candidates Announcement

The time has come! It's time to announce the winners of the 2022 President Elections.

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This year marks a historic year for the Students’ Union. After the barriers we have faced over the past few years, we were so impressed with the impact these elections had in our annual calendar. Every aspect of the election season was enjoyed by students and SU staff alike; from seeing campagin teams in brightly coloured t-shirts flood the campuses, to watching candidates talk so amazingly live on the radio, YOU did not disappoint. 

You voted in your hundereds (over 1,000 voters were counted in the end!) and those of you who stood were, quite simply, flippin' brilliant!

We are so proud of each and every one of you who stood, engaged, voted, told their friends to vote or supported their friends through the campaigning period. Thank you for voting, engaging and generally getting involved with this democratic process which is so vital to the running of the SU. We want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all candidates who stood; not only have you shared a range of incredible and well-informed ideas, but also highlighted feedback and platforms from a range of students, showcasing the diversity and passion of our student body.

This year we have had over 1000 voters, which highlights the incredible engagement of students in the future of the Students’ Union but also the importance of the breadth and depth of themes, issues and campaigns that matter to you.

We can't wait for the elected candidates to take up post in summer 2022!

The Elections in numbers:

1069 voters

2609 votes

747 total votes for President Welfare and Inclusivity Candidates 

860 total votes for President Student Experience Candidates

483 total votes for President Falmouth Candidates

519 total votes for President Exeter Candidates

12 candidate support sessions

10 candidates

8 members of SU Crew on polling stations

4 Presidents

1 intense and exciting campaigning period

1 Meet the Candidates at Fox Cafe

1 Question Time

Here are the final results from the SU President elections...

And the winning candidates are... 

Falmouth- Luke Court

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given by the students at Falmouth to be SU President. I’d like to thank everyone who voted, I really appreciate the support! 

I’d like to say a huge well done to everyone who ran a campaign in the election. Everyone did an incredible job; it was such an amazing experience to run against all the candidates. Thank you to my entire campaign team, the hard work they put into making this campaign a success does not go unnoticed. 

I look forward to starting work with the SU and doing the best job at representing Falmouth students that I know how to do!" 

Exeter- Georgi Roberts

"What a crazy week! The other candidates ran such amazing campaigns I honestly thought the election could have gone either of three ways. I’m so excited to put my manifesto into action and work with the amazing people at the SU, especially all the other president-elects. My campaign team was wonderful, and I feel very lucky to have people who believed in me and my campaign so much. I also need to thank all the societies and student groups who endorsed me, the SU for putting on such an amazing campaign week, and finally you, the voters, and my supporters, I won’t let you down. Roll on June!” 

Student Experience - Lauren Taylor

“I’m absolutely over the moon. I feel so lucky and grateful that students have put their trust in me and I hope to do everyone proud. All candidates were incredibly passionate and worked so hard during the campaign period, especially Tom James, the best competitor I could have asked for. It was an absolute pleasure to run against him and to have someone I could relate to and lean on during such a crazy time.  

Although things have calmed down as I continue my studies, I’m looking forward to working with the SU staff, the universities and the other newly elected presidents to implement student-led change, but I know I have big shoes to fill from the predecessors of this role.” 

Welfare & Inclusivity - Kira Orchard

"I am so excited to be the next President of Welfare and Inclusivity! There were so many brilliant campaigns, and it was all such a close call. Thank you to everyone who voted; getting involved and making your voice heard is crucial. I'm so excited to get started and help our SU bloom!" 

You can check out the final voting breakdowns on the following linked results sheets:

To see more elections information, visit the SU Elections Hub.


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