The infamous Bottle Match returns to Penryn this weekend

The infamous Bottle Match returns to Penryn this weekend

This weekend will see the “Bottle Match” return to Penryn, where the Camborne School of Mines will play the Royal School of Mines in the country’s second oldest rugby varsity.

This year will also see the inaugural presentation of The Wardell Armstrong Trophy, which will be awarded to the school which accumulates the most wins over the nine different matches that will be taking place.

Last year, whilst playing in London, the Bottle was regained by RSM, but hopes are high that the CSM Rugby team will regain it this year, after which it will be prominently displayed in the trophy cabinet of the CSM Museum on Penryn Campus.

In total, 120 students from both the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses and Falmouth University will be representing the Camborne School of Mines sports teams, hoping that their six months of training over the academic year will pay off.

Joe Thompson, CSMSA Sports Chairman: “The Bottle Match is a huge point in the CSM calendar, where hundreds of alumni return to Cornwall to see students from all different backgrounds, across both universities, represent this historic mining school. It is an event that all of our athletes work towards and look forward to. The feeling around the clubs around Bottle Match is just amazing, making it one of the best events of the year.”


Joe Rigby, President of CSM Rugby: “The Bottle Match is the biggest fixture of the year for us as a team, It is an honour for all players involved and competition for positions has been very intense this year. We are very excited to welcome back alumni and past players to celebrate the return of the Bottle to its rightful home.”


George David, Captain of CSM Rugby: “Bottle Match is the pinnacle of our annual campaign as a squad. The team extends far beyond the players on the pitch that day. Once a member of CSM, always a member of CSM, meaning we have support from members of all ages across the globe. It’s an honour for all players in every sport to be part of the Bottle Match squad, especially this year when we’re bringing the bottle back home to Cornwall!”


The schedule for the weekend can be found below and more information will be released on the Facebook event “Bottle Match 2020”.


Friday 21 February

  • Squash, 3pm, Falmouth Sports Club
  • Tennis, 3pm, Falmouth Sports Club
  • Badminton, 4pm, Penryn Campus Sports Hall
  • Ladies Hockey, 5pm, Penryn College
  • Men’s Hockey, 6.45pm, Penryn College


Saturday 22 February

  • Netball, 10am, Penryn Campus Sports Hall
  • Football, 10.30am, Dracaena Centre
  • Lacrosse, 12 noon, Penryn Rugby Club
  • Rugby, 1.30pm, Penryn Rugby Club
  • Awards and After Party, 8pm, The Stannary