Students’ Union competes to great success at annual Bottle Match

Last weekend the ‘Bottle Match’ returned to Penryn, where the Camborne School of Mines played the Royal School of Mines in the country’s second oldest rugby varsity – and won.

This year also saw the inaugural presentation of The Wardell Armstrong Trophy, which was awarded to CSM, as the school which accumulated the most wins over the nine different matches that took place.

Last year, whilst playing in London, the Bottle was won by RSM, however, the CSM Rugby team regained it this year, with a 10-7 win. The Bottle will be prominently displayed in the trophy cabinet of the CSM Museum on Penryn Campus.

As well as success for the Men's Rugby team, there were many other successes for CSM over the weekend with seven wins, including an incredible 109-2 win for CSM Netball, 21-0 win for CSM Women's Hockey, 28-3 win for CSM Lacrosse, and 12-0 win for CSM Tennis.

Bottle Match Results:

  • Tennis 12-0
  • Ladies Hockey 21-0
  • Men’s Hockey 1-2
  • Badminton 4-5
  • Netball 109-2
  • Lacrosse 28-3
  • Football 2-0
  • Rugby 10-7
  • Squash 3-0

Ahead of the Bottle Match, the CSM Rugby team were subjected to a series of weird and wonderful hair dos to raise money for Sport in Mind. Their final total reached over £4,500.

Joe Rigby, President of CSM Rugby and SU President Exeter: “It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this historic game and the greatest feeling to win, and to have friends, family, and alumni run on the pitch to congratulate us.”

George David, Captain of CSM Rugby: “Congratulations to all sports this weekend; every side put in an amazing effort to win the first Wardell Armstrong trophy. A massive thank you to everyone who is part of CSM Rugby for amazing commitment, resulting in a great win on the weekend!”

Will Whitworth, Coach of CSM Rugby: “A fully deserved win which showed real passion and pride. The months of hard work and determination paid off on the day.”

Olivia Winter, Lacrosse Chairwoman: “I’m so incredibly proud of what the club has achieved this last year. Everyone has worked so hard and that was showcased on the pitch. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the club!”

CSM Rugby Bottle Match winners

Lacrosse Bottle Match winners