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Sustainability Week Round-Up

With Sustainability Week over and out what should you do now to ensure you are a sustainable warrior all year round?

Last week saw Sustainability Week - a week of sustainability themed events and awareness raising activities - fill our campuses.

We saw you come along and get involved in a huge varitey of activities; from making nettle soup with The Green Living Society to attending film screenings run by your Green Committee, you all came eager to learn and improve your sustainable footprint... which we LOVE!

Thanks for sharing your shots of the week - we love these moments captured by The Green Living Society!


Over the course of the week there were 26 events which staff and students alike could attend, mostly for free!

As your SU, we feel inspired by YOU. It makes us so proud that our members are such active pioneers of change and want to get involved however they can in the fight for a more sustainable future.

President Exeter Stevie P said about the campagin,

"I'm so impressed by the student body for showing up for the planet this Sustainability Week. As an Environmental Science graduate from the University of Exeter, Sustainability Week is extremely important to me. It was great to see such educational events available to the community and I really enjoyed seeing students and staff engage in this important and meaningful campaign."

But now that Sustainability Week is over you might be wondering "how can I continue my efforts?"

The answer is, easily!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you are a Sustainable Warrior year round:


Do you need the single use polythene bags to separate your vegetables on your supermarket visit? If possible why not try taking an extra cotton bag on your next supermarket shop just for those loose fruits and veggies.


Did you know that even your morning shower could be harming the environment? Many of the cleansing products we use everyday contain chemicals and thousands of micro beads that go down the plughole, through our water systems and into the sea. The sea which is home to millions of amazing creatures. Not cool. 

There are, however, some great natural skin care brands out there which not only may be better for your skin but are also better for the planet too!


For an easy green switch, trying swapping your regular household cleaning products to a more eco-friendly option you can access at a refill station.

You could also try doing the same for dried food such as pasta and grains.


Do you pick up breakfast on-the-go? Or grab your lunch from a shop in between lectures? We all do it, but just think about all the packaging that gets used from this habit. Instead, try using a bringing for a homemade lunch in a reusable container, even if you can’t do this every day, it all adds up.


The average person uses 104 rolls of toilet paper a year. Times that by the 65 million people in the UK and that’s a lot of toilet roll. But what happens to the inner cardboard cylinders of those rolls? Instead of popping them in your bathroom bin, remember to take them out to your recycling when you’re done with them - you'll be surpised how much of a different that can make!

You can check out loads of other rescourses, tips and ideas on our Sustainability Week page!


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