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President Welfare & Inclusivity: February 2021 Updates

Charlotte Agnew, President Welfare & Inclusivity, updates us on what she's been working on recently.

Charlotte Agnew, President Welfare and Inclusivity Charlotte Agnew, President Welfare and Inclusivity

For Together Wherever, there are now Yoga sessions (@1pm Tuesdays and Fridays) and Pilates sessions (@6pm Wednesdays)! We secured funding so that these sessions can be FREE for all students and staff – so take a study break and take a good refreshing stretch!!

For the Rent Rebates campaign, a letter from the presidents (which was co-signed by Mabe Parish Council, Jayne Kirkham and Steve Eva) was sent alongside a letter from FXPlus (co-signed by both Falmouth and Exeter Universities) which was sent to 480 Private Landlord Contacts in Falmouth and Penryn. This letter explained the current financial hardship on students and asks if rent reductions can be made.

I’m working alongside Lizzy, President Falmouth, to get decolonising the curriculum moving quickly and create more student involvement, as well as proposing a more secure place for discussion on racial equality and other important topics within EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) at Falmouth University.

When we were on campus in the previous term (sadly short lived!), accessibility was an issue for people who are hard of hearing like myself by not being able to understand people through Covid-19 masks and face coverings. However, now that we are still learning online, I am working on how we can introduce more tools for staff on how to make learning more inclusive for neurodiverse students with ADHD, Autism, etc, as the online learning and studying from home is extremely difficult and not inclusive.

Yay – Liberation Committee has been elected!! A big well done to our new officers. I am super excited to work with you, they are; Melissa Muchema (Racial Equality), Michael Carney (Disabled Students Officer, Hayley Davies (LGBTQ+ Officer), Mia Terra St Hill (Women’s Officer)!


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