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President Student Experience: March 2021 Update

Amelia Banton, President Student Experience, stands, smiling, in front of a large tree. She is weari Amelia Banton, President Student Experience

"I had hoped, that by this point in the year my updates would be less Covid focused but alas it remains the dominant topic in almost all of my meetings. A nice change from this was the recent Sustainability Week, led by the Green Committee, which was a huge sucess despite all being online and I hope that those who attended the events learnt from and enjoyed them. Since then, the SU office has reopened so I'm regularly to be found at the Covid testing facility. If you are a Falmouth campus student living in Falmouth, you can now apply for funding to cover the cost of your travel to Penryn so please do make use of this offer.

Now that my successor has been elected, the student opportunities team are looking ahead to next year, with the launch of our campaign to allow people to join for groups they have not yet been part of in order to allow them to stand for committees next year. I joined History Society right at the end of my first year in order to run for President for my second year and it was one of the best decisions I have made at university! I knew nothing about running a society but in doing it I learnt so much and made brilliant friends through the events I put on. There's no 'right person' to join a committee - all you need is enthusiasm.

Before that, it's SU awards season where you have the opportunity to nominate and recognise those student volunteers who go above and beyond to make their peers student experience the best it can be. Really exceptional work can be recognised externally too, via the National Societies and Volunteering Awards (one of which was won by Sustainability Week last year). Fundraising Officer Lauren Taylor and I are on the judging panel for these awards so we hope to see lots of entries from Cornwall!

Whilst the sabb team do our best to represent you every day, there's no substitution for you being able to speak directly to the people making the decisions that impact your student experience. I loved chairing the Q&A after the Exeter Vice Chancellor's student talk and more recently organised a similar event for Falmouth students with members of the Vice Chancellor's Executive Group. I am currently liaising with our local MPs to facilitate a townhall event for all students.

Graduation is a hot topic for both universities and we know that at both universities, the most important thing to you is that you get an in person celebration, no matter when that is, a message we have been repeatedly sharing with both universities, including directly with each Vice-Chancellor who we hope will take our views on board."





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