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President Exeter: February 2021 Updates

Cara Chittenden, President Exeter, updates us on what she's been working on recently.

Cara Chittenden, President Exeter Cara Chittenden, President Exeter

So far this term my key focuses have been campaigning for students on a No Detriment Policy and Tuition Fee Reductions/Refunds and launching the Decolonising the Curriculum and Write Now projects.

I’ve been liaising with key University of Exeter figures to push for a No Detriment Policy equivalent to the one provided at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and since the University communicated its proposed collection of protective policies (the “No Disadvantage Guarantee”), I’ve been passing on student feedback, trying to make sure the details of those policies support as many students as possible. We also recently launched our #EaseTheFees campaign, seeking tuition fee refunds/reductions for students due to the impacts of the pandemic on their university experience. We’re working with other SUs across the country to lobby nationally on this! 

With some great help and advice I finally launched the Decolonising the Curriculum survey. This is intended to gather feedback on as many student experiences of learning at Exeter’s Cornwall campuses as possible, to inform decolonisation work in all departments (and in the SU itself). Complete the survey and find out more.

Furthermore, I revived the Write Now campaign to provide some support and signposting for students struggling with organisation this year, since there is a greater emphasis on learning in your own time. You can find out more here.


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