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Nominate in the upcoming Teaching Awards

Cara tells us about the upcoming Teaching Awards and how to nominate.

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Check out Cara's short video on how and to nominate in the University of Exeter Teaching Awards





I just wanted to remind you that Teaching Award nominations are currently open.

To nominate someone you can go to

There you find FAQ’s,  you can find previous winners, and you can fin example nominations to help you make your decision and make you nomination.

Basically the teaching awards are a chance for you to recognise academic staff who have given exceptional teaching or support to you as a student over the course of the last year.

So do you know someone who has given engaging lectures, who has been a really helpful personal tutor or has just generally gone above and beyond for you over what has been a very challenging year.

If the answer is yes, please get your nominations in before the deadline and hopefully you’ll see me at the Teaching Awards hosting!

- Cara Chittenden, President Exeter



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