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LGBTQ+ History month profile: Rory Cooper

The aim of LGBTQ+ History Month is to promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity, by celebrating the lives and championing the work of key LGBTQ+ activists.

LGBTQlgbtq history month

Hi, my name is Rory/ Kayleigh (I currently prefer to be called Rory majority of the time whilst at University), my pronouns are they/them and I am a queer photography student at Falmouth University.

I also work in the student crew at the Students Union. As I have met quite a few transgender/ non binary students during my time at University I suggested to the SU the idea to start a Transgender Network. This will be a place where people can connect and talk about their experiences. Discovering who you are can be an intense process, it is great to have others who can support you on your journey. Session dates for the Transgender Network will be up on the SU website please feel free to come along.

For more information about events happening this month and resources that may be helpful to you, please visit the LGBTQ+ History Month hub


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