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Generation Wild is a student natural history outreach society. Our aim is to educate the next generation about natural history, sustainability and science.

Through weekly sessions with the natural history club at Penryn College, the lunchtime nature club at Mabe Primary, or various sessions with primary and secondary schools in Cornwall, we have taught students about the wonders of the natural world.

This year, we ran a multi-week project to educate about hedgehogs and how we can become hedgehog champions and create safe spaces for them. We worked with years 1 to year 6 through a variety of practical and creative activities and created more wild spaces for hedgehogs in the school. We ran sessions about plastic pollution and how we can act sustainably in the modern world and ran rock pooling sessions where we learnt together what we could do to protect our marine environments and what variety of life lives there. We explored native and invasive plant species, learned how to manage them, and made seed balls with native wildflowers, which we encouraged the students to use to create wilder habitats. We’ve cleared ponds, planted flowers, painted posters and together inspired many students to value the biodiverse planet we live on, and learn how to protect it. We’ve shown them that science is not scary and has a space for everyone.

And as a committee, we could share our passion for outreach work, sustainability and the natural world and learn more about learning! 

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Interested in picking up Generation Wild in September? Adopt the group here! Please note that deadline to adopt a group is Wednesday, May 1. 


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