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Falmouth Facilities Campaign update

Lizzy Marshall, SU President Falmouth 2020/21

Last week we published a copy of the letter which Lizzy Marshall, SU President Falmouth, wrote to the Provost. Since then, the campaign to address Falmouth students' access to facilities has developed, including letters to students' local MP, the MP Education, and encouraging the Guild HE to lobby the government.

Whilst Lizzy was working on the letter to the Provost, Eva Jiggings, student representative for Fashion Photography, took it upon herself to reach out to her local MP, Cherilyn Mackroy, to ask for support in helping the students suffering at the hands of the pandemic. Cherilyn responded by writing to Michelle Donelan MP (Head of State) and Falmouth University to open the facilities, or consider a safe approach to doing so, which was a massive win for students, Eva, and her Reps.

Lizzy is also working to the address the national debate regarding opening facilities after lockdown. Lizzy reached out to the other Students' Unions of the Guild HE (who represent small and specialist intuitions) to co-sign a letter to the Guild HE, asking if the Guild could show more support for their student members, and if they could lobby the government too.

Furthermore, Falmouth University suggested that the President team write to Michelle Donelan, supporting confidence within Falmouth to safely bring their students back to campus so that they can access facilities.

Falmouth students will also have noticed that, last Friday, the University released an F Word email detailing their plan to extend the term by two weeks and to extend the opening of the facilities over summer till June 2021.


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