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A final update from Georgi, President Exeter 22/23

A final farewell from President Exeter.

president exeterPresident Update
Photo of Georgi, President Exeter  22/23

I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year already since I began my time as your elected President Exeter, and WOW, what a year it’s been. In my final update to you I’ll be looking back on my time in the role, what accomplishments we have achieved and what’s to look forward to before the end of my term.

This year has been a rollercoaster but with your feedback and input we have achieved some great wins. I have lead discussions with your voice at major strategic and high priority meetings for the University of Exeter and on a local scale, a passion of mine that developed in my days as a subject chair and rep. We have achieved positive changes to Exeter’s mitigation policy and now implemented an ongoing review to stay on top of topical academic facing issues from year to year. I have also been working to put our experience in Cornwall at the forefront of conversations within my manifesto priority Exeter Connect with your feedback to create some events towards the end of the year!

My favourite part of this year though has been taking a lead on some real-world facing issues that have been raised by you, our members, and taking these to the forefront of University discussions. I have written reports on the conversations held at the Student Lead People’s Assemblies which have been discussed and implemented by Exeter leaders, such as the ethical partnerships proposal which is now a working group to change policy around the universities global partnerships. I have also taken forward the Divest Borders movement, a People and Planet campaign which had strong support from our members, and reported this directly to the Chief Financial Officer for the University, which is now being reviewed by external investors and will continue after my term in office.

I have loved being involved in your campaigns and working alongside you to progress changes that will have positive impacts for you and the future of the University in the context of the climate crisis. It really is at the heart of what’s important to me. I’d like to thank everyone for voicing your thoughts and standing up for what you believe is right this year. It’s made such an impact and will continue to do so for the next set of presidents. Keep raising your voices, they will be heard!

Next year I will be coming back to the University as a student again to finish my MSci degree in Marine Biology - so, this isn’t quite farewell from me, more of a see you around!

Congratulations to all who have completed the next stage of their degree or perhaps got a whole degree under your belt – I’ll see you at graduation to celebrate with you then!

All the best for now,



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