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3 Reasons you should nominate someone for the SU Awards 2023!

So, it’s time for The SU Awards 2023, and nominations have been open for a week. It’s the perfect chance to celebrate everything you’ve enjoyed this academic year. There are 14 categories – 14 opportunities to nominate someone close to you. Maybe you’ve scrolled through the criteria; maybe you’ve thought about it in passing; or, maybe, you haven’t really thought about it at all. If the latter is the case, look no further! Here are three reasons you should nominate someone for the S

SU Awardssu awards 2023

1. It shows your peers you appreciate them

It’s been a long year of hard work and dedication across the student body. From society socials to navigating the cost of living crisis, everyone involved in the SU has worked tirelessly to maintain the student experience. Nominating someone shows that you’ve seen all the work they’ve put into their role, and support it.

Not just that, it allows everyone around them to recognise everything they’ve done behind the scenes. Sometimes these things can get lost below the surface, so if you’ve seen someone working hard, be sure to let everybody know!

2. It demonstrates what is important to you

There are 14 categories for Awards. Even just one nomination can show The SU what the highlights of your year were. Why is this important? Well, it means that everything you enjoyed about this year can continue and improve in the coming years. It draws attention to what you find important – a sure way to encourage it. Take a chance to celebrate your favourite aspects of the year. Whether its an event, a person, or a team, sharing something that has improved your student experience can only make next year better.

3. It builds our community

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to remember what The SU represents – student community. Nominating your peers may show them that you appreciate them, but it also highlights your community. Whether you’ve joined a dozen societies, or simply perused socials, you’ve been involved. Taking the time to nominate someone or something you’ve appreciated may just bring it to the attention of someone else. Someone who may join your community in the future. Help build on the community that you’ve enjoyed – who knows, you may just make it better for someone else!


Hopefully by now, you’ve got someone in mind for an award. So, don’t hesitate! Read through the criteria, and make your choice. Show The SU what matters to you.

Nominations close on Friday 31st March, and a shortlist for each award will be released on Friday 14th April. Don’t miss your chance and nominate someone here!


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