Herbs Course Cancelled

Herbs Course Cancelled

Saturday 16 November 2019
The Forest Garden, Budock Water, Falmouth, TR11 5ED
9:15am - 4pm

This course will be covering what determines our ‘level of health’, and looking in more detail as to how the body’s systems can be stimulated into action to help energise and uplift ourselves and our families, on a physical, mental and emotional level.
By the end of the course you should leave with an understanding of the action that you can take to stimulate you and your family’s health, vitality and wellbeing by the application of simple herbal medicine and naturopathic techniques which Simon has used in his clinic.

This one day course will include;

1. Some very basic principles of Iridology and some practical applications.

2. An understanding of some of the body’s systems, and how to improve their performance with the use of herbs, exercise and diet.

3. How to produce basic herbal preparations, an infusion in water and in oil, plus tincture.

4. An understanding of how to look at the ‘whole person’ when assessing your level of health or that of someone else.

5. Basic principles of how to control the mind and harness it to your advantage

6. Menstruation, symptoms, sweats, mood swings etc and how to ease them.

7. Herb tasting

8. A walk through the Forest Garden identifying useful medicinal herbs

9. Gut flora interactions with the immune system

10. Energetic medicines - Flower essences

& Much more………….

Prerequisites to attending this course: No previous knowledge or
Academic qualifications are required; just bags of enthusiasm. Bring a note book, pen, your own lunch and a big smile on your face.

All welcome! Students and non-students!