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Wednesday 22 May 2024


7pm - 10pm


Old Chapel Lecture Theatre


About the event

Our production of 'Mother Courage and Her Children' unveils the gripping saga of Mother Courage, a formidable matriarch, as she navigates the tumultuous currents of the Thirty Years' War, aiming to profit from the conflict's chaos while striving to protect her brood. This timeless masterpiece by Bertolt Brecht, is not merely a tale of survival amidst war's ravages but a poignant critique of the commodification of conflict and the resilience of the human spirit against insurmountable odds.

As the war rages on, Mother Courage drags her wagon across the battlefields, selling supplies to soldiers with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, the very war that fuels her livelihood exacts a steep price, challenging her beliefs and forcing her to confront the moral complexities of profit, loss, and loyalty. Each character she encounters and every loss she suffers reveal the depth of her determination, the paradoxes of her character, and the universal struggle between principle and survival.

This production breathes new life into Brecht's epic, blending his signature Verfremdungseffekt — the "alienation effect" — with innovative staging and a dynamic ensemble, inviting the audience to engage critically with the narrative and its themes.

Join us for a theatrical journey that promises not only to entertain but to challenge and inspire, as we follow Mother Courage's relentless quest through the battlefields of Europe. It's a testament to the strength, cunning, and complexity of one woman's fight to survive in a world torn apart by conflict, revealing the cost of courage and the price of a mother's love.

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