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Friday 17 May 2024


7pm - 10pm


Old Chapel Lecture Theatre



£0.00 (General)

About the event

FECCLES Drama Society is a dynamic student-led theatre group rooted in the vibrant campus of Falmouth University.  

This production of “The Pillowman” weaves together the intense interrogation of a writer whose fiction - a collection of disturbing tales - begins to mirror real-life atrocities, with murders that are eerily akin to his storytelling."The Pillowman" is not merely a play; it is an exploration of the power of narrative and the blurred lines between imagination and reality. It asks whether stories have the force to influence real-world events or if they are just the reflections of our darkest selves.

Under the direction of the student team, this adaptation promises to deliver the original's chilling impact combined with fresh perspective.

For those brave enough to confront the play’s unsettling themes, "The Pillowman" promises an unforgettable theatrical journey that will linger long after the final curtain call.

Recommended 16+

FECCLES Presents ‘The  Pillow Man’, by Martin McDonagh.

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