Money Worries & Budgeting

Download our budgeting sheet to help you manage your finances for the year.
Wallet and cash

Dealing with debt and financial struggles can be overwhelming and affect various aspects of your life, including your studies. We understand the importance of regaining control over your financial situation to reduce stress and anxiety caused by financial hardships. Developing a budget is a powerful tool to help you achieve this.

To support you in managing your finances more effectively, 'Save the Student' have a student budgeting spreadsheet available for download. This spreadsheet will help you gain a better understanding of your spending habits and guide you towards improved financial management.

 Link to Budgeting Spreadsheet

If you require assistance in filling out the budget sheet or would like to discuss your financial concerns in detail, we encourage you to book an SU Advice Appointment. Our dedicated advisors are here to help. To book an appointment, please visit our booking system here.

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