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The cost of higher education has never been a more important issue than it is today.

In addition to well publicised costs like tuition fees, students are often expected to pay for things like fieldwork, specialist equipment, or course books to get the most out of their degrees. Students told us that they are often surprised by how much they need to spend once you get to University.

In response to this, The SU pledged to work alongside every department in the University to make sure that all of the costs students might reasonably expect to incur during their degree were available in one place. This is broken down by department so that you can plan what you will need to spend throughout your degree.

The SU will update this information regularly so that students always have access to the most up-to-date information. All costs are marked with the date on which the University departments provided the information.

The SU is grateful to numerous staff across the University for helping to compile this resource for our members.

Simply click on your subject to find out the projected costs of things like fieldwork, specialist equipment, or course books that you need in your department.

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