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Zoe Burden
BA(Hons) Creative Events Management
Inclusivity Officer


Hi I'm Zoe Burden, a 23 year old third year Creative Events Management student. I’ve enjoyed roles such as Course Rep, President of the Don't DisAbility Society, and Disabled Students Mentor Leader Falmouth, and I am now expanding my experience and responsibility in my new role as Inclusivity Officer. Whilst my previous experience with inclusivity has largely been around representing disabled students, I believe the empathy, compassion and understanding of what it feels like to be 'the other' required to do this, is something that can be applied to other minority groups. My aim in this role is to be the voice of the minorities to create a students’ union that benefits EVERYONE.   


Things I have done for inclusivity: 

  • Ran alternative inclusive events to the large-scale ones at the Stannary for special occasions (such as Halloween) for people who struggle with crowds and/or are socially anxious
  • Ran an accessible sports day to showcase and encourage disability sport
  • Collaborated with minority representation societies/groups on events and campaigns such as Pride, BSL, Autistic Soc and the Liberation Committee
  • Ran/managed meet and greets and a social media page to bring disabled students together
  • Created the Cornwall Accessible Venue Guide
  • Delivered inclusivity training at the Students’ Union’s Committee Conference
  • Kept in constant communication with the Accessibility Team to improve physical access on campus (such as the repaving of brick pathways to a smoother, safer surface)
  • Created and managed Disability Week – an awareness and support campaign, particularly targeting the use of offensive language
  • Event managed the recent Diversity in Entrepreneurship and Experience Design Conference


Things I hope to do:

  • Manage Disability Week 2020
  • Work with the Liberation Committee on creating a campaign week (like Disability Week) for all minorities
  • Host a larger accessible sports day involving more sports and organisations
  • Further improve/expand inclusivity training across both universities
  • Host more events to encourage the socially anxious to become more confident
  • Continue to work with the Accessibility Team to improve physical access on campus 


Most importantly, in my role as Inclusivity Officer. I will be there to listen to and act upon the feedback of the students with inclusion issues and/or suggestions, so please get in touch: