Tom McIntosh
BA(Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography
Wellbeing Officer

University is a big step. The change can be daunting and there’s a lot of new people and so much to do that it can be hard to know where to start. I remember over summer being really nervous about the idea of coming to university but then, as soon as I arrived and started to get involved, I realised that coming to Falmouth was one of the best decisions I’ve made. For me, throwing myself into as much as possible was the greatest thing I could have done, and with so much on offer it has allowed me to not only pursue past interests but also try out new things I have always wanted to do.

This year, I have been a member of 11 societies with a diverse range from astronomy to rock climbing, and surfing to cheerleading; there was no shortage of things to experience. And whilst I couldn't attend everything that was on offer, I had a constant flow of things to do. Personally, this was the best part of my uni experience, as I've kept busy and have made my closest friends through the groups I most regularly attend. I advise everyone to try and get involved with anything they think they might find interesting. The way I did it was just to try out as much as I possibly could during Freshers and I then stuck with what I enjoyed the most. This year, I also founded my own society, along with my flatmate, called AIM (Ambition in Minds). AIM is a mental wellbeing society, with the goal to raise awareness, fundraise and help to make the uni experience that little bit easier for everyone, whilst keeping our support informal and easy to access. We essentially are aiming to be that stepping stone between self-care and professional support.

Mental health is a big topic at the moment, which affects many of us in many different ways. Going to university is one of the biggest changes people go through and can prove to be a difficult time, so we believed it important for there to be a student group that would work closely with the Students’ Union, and with the Wellbeing Team, to help support students in the best possible way and provide them with the tools to help themselves, but also provide them a platform should they need support.

Running a society has been an amazing experience for me, as I have been able to put together and run a number of events across the uni related to wellbeing. In doing so, I have learned so much about management, and about communication and organisation with peers, the union, staff and people external to the uni. Being a part of a committee for something you're passionate about is something that I would highly recommend if you get the chance.