Pimonpan (Peach) Phurappa 
MENG Energy Engineering - C
Societies Officer and international student

It was, and still is, quite scary and lonely being so far away from home, and was stressful when I worried about my English so much. So, during the first few weeks of the academic year I decided to go to many taster sessions and ended up joining a sports club and a few societies in my first year. Throughout that time, I learned a lot from people I had met and made friends with people from clubs and societies. Meeting new people who share similar interests made me feel a little more comfortable in a new environment and I found myself worrying less, not only about my English, but also about adjusting to university life in general. 

The experience I gained in my first year had a strong impact on me. I now want to be able to meet more like-minded people but also be able to organise and deliver activities to fellow students. Hence, I have been part of the committees for Renewable Energy Society, Engineers Without Borders, and Mary's Meals during my second and third year.  With the kind support I have received from the Students’ Union team, Leadership Team, other committee members and fellow students, I have managed to give back to the university community just like how I have experienced it myself in first year. 

Joining clubs and societies, as well as attending events, are one thing, but organising activities for fellow students is a different story. It was more challenging and somewhat nerve-wracking, but the outcome is so rewarding and I am proud of every bit of organising I have taken part in. My best achievement is to know that the events and activities I helped organise also inspire other people and that they have gained valuable experience from those activities. From a member of clubs to a part of committees, every moment has shaped and encouraged me to continue to support more than just one society. Without realising what I was actually doing amidst tons of coursework, the next thing I knew I had already submitted my application to run for Societies Officer.

I was fortunate enough to be elected and become part of the Students’ Union's Leadership Team. I hope to support all societies' committees, all students who would like to start new societies, and those who just have a question. I (and, I dare say - everyone in the Students’ Union office too) am more than welcome to help as much as I can, so just give me a shout if you need any help.

To all freshers, WELCOME to this lovely campus.

And to all the returners, welcome back and let's roll!