Fresh stories

Lucia on working with the Student Voice team

As a part of my already busy Freshers week, I attended one 9am introductory class, where I first heard about the course representatives. The Subject Chair had explained to us what it means to be a Course Rep and how it can help improve the quality of the programmes. I remember being really excited about the prospect of being part of the University on a different level, not only attending lectures and studying for exams, but also influencing the study environment for other students and improving the quality of their experience. Thus, I decided to apply for the position and I was pleasantly surprised when it all worked out and I became the course representative. At the beginning, I was not really sure how to effectively represent students and convey constructive criticism, therefore I was extremely grateful to have the guidance of the Subject Chairs, who answered all the questions and supported me through the whole process.

Throughout the year, I have been reporting issues that bothered my fellow students, and engaging in discussions with the aim of finding suitable solutions. It was an exciting experience, especially during the strikes and unexpected snow storms, and it has made me more aware of just how easily numerous things beyond the control of the students influence their academic performance, as well as measures for mitigating the impact of such events.

My year as a Course Rep has showed me how important it is to give a voice to the student body, as many problems raised at Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings were identified and solved thanks to students’ feedback. Also, due to the fact that Human Science is a relatively new programme, it is important to shape it to students' satisfaction and apply gained experience to eradicate potential inconveniences in the system. I was quite pleased to be part of that process and that also, thanks to my input, future students will have a better experience.

In addition to giving me an opportunity to help others, being a course representative has helped me as an individual as well, because it has taught me many valuable skills, such as presentation, negotiation and communication. Furthermore, it made the process of settling in at the university much easier, as I had the pleasure to meet many like-minded and lovely people, who have made my first months at the University much more enjoyable.