Falmouth University Staff Excellence Awards - Students' Choice

The Falmouth University Staff Excellence Awards highlight the achievements of their staff. They recognise the rich and diverse staff community, and the personal contributions of staff to the success of Falmouth University and its students. The awards comprise of ten categories, including 'Guiding and Inspiring Students', which is open to Falmouth student nominations only.

This is an opportunity for you to recognise staff who have played a significant role in your educational journey at Falmouth University. You can nominate any member of staff employed by Falmouth University, which includes the SU, or FXPlus, and includes staff in the library, academic skills and student services. Nominations are open from 1st May - 31st May 2019, with shortlisted candidate announced in September and the awards ceremony taking place later in the year.

Tips for writing a good nomination:

• Remember that you need to grab the judges’ attention, so clearly explain why the nominee deserves the award - don’t just say that they are wonderful.

• State what action the individual or team took. This can be in the format of supporting or encouraging others, completing a task, generating a workable solution or any other behaviour that is relevant to the award.

• Clearly describe the result of the above. What impact did the actions or behaviour have on you?

You can submit more than one nomination but not for the same person. By submitting a nomination you acknowledge and agree that the organisers can contact you about your nomination, including for publicity purposes.

You can read about previous winners here www.falmouth.ac.uk/staffawards