Getting Home Safely

Always use your common sense – but we know that when you’ve had a few too many bevvies it can lead to impaired judgement. Here are some top tips for keeping safe on your way home…


  • Avoid walking home alone – always try to walk home with friends
  • Never take short cuts at night – stick to well-lit main routes
  • Keep your mobile phone easily accessible for an emergency
  • Keep your wits about you and be wary of everything around you – make sure you can see and hear everything clearly
  • Consider carrying a personal alarm
  • Try to look and act confidently – look like you know where you are going and walk tall
  • If you are alone, set your mobile phone to vibrate so as not to draw attention to yourself
  • If you think you are being followed, cross over the road. If you are followed, cross back again. If you are still concerned, go to the nearest public place (a shop, pub or house with lights on) and call the police on 999. Don't use enclosed pay-phones, in which you could become trapped


Public transport

  • Plan your route
  • Sit near other people. If you are on a bus, sit near the driver; if you are on a train, sit near the conductor
  • Move if someone makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Don't sit in an empty compartment on a train
  • Don't leave your handbag loose on your lap or on the seat next to you
  • Check out the timetables before you head out – remember the time of the last bus/train to get home
  • Wait for the bus/train in a well-lit area and preferably not alone
  • Make sure you have enough money!



  • If taking a lift or taxi, text the registration number to someone you trust
  • Pre-booking a taxi before you head out often works out cheaper than ordering one when you actually need it – and then check that the taxi that arrives is the one you ordered
  • • Always use a trusted and licensed taxi firm
  • Always sit behind the driver in the back seat or in the back with a friend
  • Never tell the driver any personal information
  • If you can, establish a fixed price to where you are going before the taxi starts moving
  • Make sure you have enough money!
  • If you feel uneasy, ask to be let out in a well-lit area where there are plenty of people
  • When arriving home by car or taxi ask the driver to wait until you are inside your home
  • If in any doubt, don't get in the taxi!