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The Student Voice Team works hard to ensure that the views and opinions of students from both Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses are represented at every level of decision making. They’re pretty excellent people!
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SU President Falmouth

Ben Statham-Wilkins


SU President Exeter

Stevie Preece

Ello ello, I’m Stevie, your President Exeter for 2021/22! My accent isn’t really reflected in text but for those who haven’t spoken to me before, I’m from Wales and no, I do not say ‘whatsa occurrin’ in an excessively strong welsh accent ~ Gavin & Stacey reference. I’m a big lover of cereal – what better way to start your day than with a bowl full of crunchy nut clusters with chocolate flakes? I will challenge whoever disagrees. When I’m stressed, I usually choreograph dance routines to teach or just video for fun because I LOVE TO BOOGIE. I’m also a ski-enthusiast even though I’ve only been skiing 4 times… lol. It’s a niche interest but my dream career is to work on sustainability within the ski industry because I’m all about environmentalism since I studied environmental sciences as an undergraduate.

SU President Welfare and Inclusivity

Charlotte Agnew

Hello there! I'm Charlotte and I'm your President Welfare and Inclusivity. After work I love to come home to my many houseplants - my envisioned future home looks a little more like a greenhouse! I love driving my little yellow car around Cornwall and stretching my legs on big walks. I'm an energetic veggie and love to dance to burn off the energy. When it's not so cold I do love a sea swim to help with my psoriasis and mental health!

SU President Student Experience

Ellie Ricks

Hi there! I’m Ellie and I’m your President Student Experience. If you see me, expect me to be in every colour of the rainbow with my friends and an iced coffee! I’m as loud as my clothes and I love living it up around Falmouth, whether that be brunching in town or lounging on the beach now it’s officially legal again (wooooo!). When I’m not out and about you can find me at home, trying my very best to cook and enjoying a good mystery novel! 

Student Voice Manager

Lewis Nurton

I work with the Student Voice team to ensure equality, inclusivity and student welfare is a priority in all that we do. Before this, I worked in community engagement with a focus on increasing the representation and advocacy for minority groups, as well as organising large participatory events which celebrated diversity.

Student Voice Coordinator (Exeter)

Matt Parker

Hello, my name’s Matt and I am the Student Voice Coordinator for Exeter University here in Penryn. My job is to support all the Exeter Reps to ensure that all students voices are heard. My role is to recruit, train and support the Reps for all academic years at SSLCs and other events. I also work closely with the presidents to help them accomplish their goals of making Exeter Uni in Cornwall the best experience possible! When I’m not in the office you can find me baking bread and cakes, listening to music or hanging out with my cat. Feel free to get in touch with anything Rep related or just to say hi!

Student Voice Coordinator (Welfare and Liberation)

Ellie Howell

Hi there! My name is Ellie (they/them) and my passion is sparking transformational changes within culture and society. This important and necessary work is centred around inclusivity, liberation and challenging systems of oppression. I work within the Student Voice team to uplift the voices of marginalised communities at Falmouth & Exeter university, to support the exciting work of the Welfare & Inclusivity President as well as the Liberation Committee. In my spare time, you can find me making delicious food, sea swimming, visiting ancient sites around Cornwall, growing vegetables, reading or painting!

Student Voice Coordinator (Falmouth)

Tom McIntosh


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