Student Voice Team

The Student Voice Team works hard to ensure that the views and opinions of students from both Falmouth University and the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses are represented at every level of decision making. They’re pretty excellent people!
Students at Welcome 2022.

SU President Falmouth

Hannah de Oliveira Whitlock

Hi, I’m Hannah! I love the outdoors—cliff jumping, adventuring, and camping bring me a lot of joy. Working with my hands in ceramics, bookbinding, and other physical crafts alongside photography are very important to me and help me to be connected to myself and everything around me. Considering the difficulties of modern living, I strongly believe in the significance of unassessed creativity, physical making and exploration; something I wish to focus on during my time as Falmouth President.

I aim to spark meaningful dialogues and inspire constructive change. I believe that communication is a fundamental mechanism that enables connection, understanding, knowledge, empathy, education, information and the preservation of our cultures. So, I’m always up for a chat n a cuppa hot milk.

SU President Exeter

Connie Chilcott

I’m Connie, your President Exeter for 23/24, I’m a spirited person who loves the ocean and you’ll often find me on the beach or in the sea! My background is centred around community organising and collaboration, I strongly believe that meaning can be found within our relationships with others. This belief has made me an empathetic person with a drive to create change in our communities. I find the ocean to be a magical and calming place, it rejuvenates me and allows me to decompress - something that’s necessary in our busy lives! I enjoy spending time surrounded by loved ones, usually sharing a home-cooked meal or laughing in nature; these relationships sustain and nourish me. With a care for our Earth and all inhabitants, I hope to encourage and uplift our diverse community to thrive and generate change.

SU Vice President

Orestis Collins-Alamanos

I am Orestis, a passionate individual hailing from Athens, Greece. With a background in Fashion Marketing, I combine my love for visual communication and storytelling to create impactful work that addresses societal and cultural issues. I find that I can express my inner thoughts, morals, and culture best through the art of writing.

Cooking is one of my many passions, where I find joy in experimenting with flavours and creating delicious culinary experiences. I also enjoy sharing a glass of wine with friends, as it brings people together in moments of warmth and community.

Driven by my desire to make a difference, I am not afraid to push boundaries and think outside the box. Through creative endeavours, I strive to raise awareness on matters that deeply affect and interest me. By employing innovative approaches, I seek to ignite meaningful conversations and provoke positive change.

SU Vice President

Phil Green

Hi, I’m Phil and I’m your Vice President for 2023/24! I am a climate activist and a creative, and I love being part of nature. You will most likely find me in the woods, experiencing the changing seasons and enjoying the company of trees. My love for the world translates into climate activism; I have spent countless hours organising in the community, from people’s assemblies to direct action. The relationships we form in this time of crisis is so important, and I believe that we can build resilience rooted in love if we work together. I’m always up for a cup of tea and I love to hang out in the allotments on the campuses, so don’t hesitate to come up and have a chat!

Student Voice Manager

Matt Parker

Hello, my name’s Matt and I am the Student Voice Manager at the SU. My job is to support the students of Falmouth and Exeter Universities across Cornwall, to make their voices heard on matters of their education and student experience. I also work closely with the presidents to help them accomplish their goals of making university in Cornwall the best experience possible! When I’m not in the office you can find me baking bread and cakes, playing tabletop games, and hanging out with my cat. Feel free to get in touch with anything Rep related or just to say hi!

Student Voice Coordinator (Exeter)

Charlie Atkinson

Hello! My name is Charlie and my role within the Student Voice team here at The SU is to work with our Exeter University students and representatives to support them to create positive change throughout their studies down in Cornwall! When I’m not here, I live on the other side of the Tamar in Plymouth. You can usually find me enjoying a craft beer, especially in the sun! Before joining the SU team, I was a Sabbatical Officer for the Students’ Union at Plymouth University, and before that I completed my Masters in Archival Practice!


Student Voice Coordinator 

Lesley Quinn

Hi there, my name is Lesley, and my role is to support the Elected Officers and to ensure Student Voice is heard in everything to do with the student experience. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, festivals, and van life.


Student Voice Coordinator (Falmouth)

Penny Davies




Hi! I’m Penny, and my job is to support Falmouth’s SU president and the department and course reps in representing your views and making sure you’re heard by Falmouth University. I’ve recently graduated from Falmouth and have lots of first-hand experience as a student rep, so I’m excited to help students to get the most out of the role! When I’m not working, you’ll find me watching bad movies, playing games on my switch or trying to befriend the local campus cats.


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