Vice President

This position represents all Falmouth University and University of Exeter (Cornwall Campuses) students.
Phil Green, Vice President


Hi, I’m Phil and I’m your Vice President for 2023/24! I am a climate activist and a creative, and I love being part of nature. You will most likely find me in the woods, experiencing the changing seasons and enjoying the company of trees. My love for the world translates into climate activism; I have spent countless hours organising in the community, from people’s assemblies to direct action. The relationships we form in this time of crisis is so important, and I believe that we can build resilience rooted in love if we work together. I’m always up for a cup of tea and I love to hang out in the allotments on the campuses, so don’t hesitate to come up and have a chat!

- Phil Green

News & updates

Roles & responsibilities

  • Represent student views to the Students’ Union, Falmouth University, the University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus), FX Plus, local and national bodies.
  • To consult with the student members, both formally and informally, and represent their interests appropriately.
  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee of the Students’ Union ensuring the organisation is fulfilling its charitable purpose.
  • Lead, campaign and develop priority campaigns on which effect all student members.
  • To support the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion projects, ensuring all student voices are heard within the Students’ Union and universities.
  • Work closely with the other Sabbatical Officers on joint priority campaigns to improve the student experience.
  • Work closely with President Falmouth and President Exeter, jointly working on projects and be the recognised delegate for both Presidents.

Manifesto priorities

The world today is defined by crisis - that can be overwhelming, but I believe that through grassroots action rooted in love and power, we can change the narrative and be directly involved in developing solutions to the problems that we face.

Through people’s assemblies, we can practise new ways of relating to one another, and ensure everyone’s voice is valued equally as we respond to the climate and ecological emergency.

Our universities have a unique opportunity for collaboration. I will be advocating for the Ecological Citizenship course, which has been developed by students and staff from both universities. By engaging with creativity and asking questions, we can respond to the happenings in the world together and develop the skills needed for the uncertain future that we face. I also want to foster solidarity between staff and students, to create a campus built on mutual support and a vision for an equitable and just society.

Throughout the year, I will be supporting students so you can campaign for the changes you want. How can we align our everyday lives with the values that we hold close to our hearts? We can build power within our community and organise to shape the world for the people.

Finally, I will be pushing to grow more food on campus, engaging with permaculture principles to connect people with nature and good, healthy food!

Shared Priorities

  • Climate Action

Supporting students to cultivate power within their communities, helping them to take proactive steps towards realising the changes they want to see.

  • Communication and Engagement

Ensuring students are well-informed about what the SU is doing, as well as university services to prevent missed opportunities.

  • Building community

Helping students to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their Cornwall and/or University community.

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