President Exeter

This position represents all University of Exeter (Cornwall Campuses) students, with a focus on academic issues and representation, including working alongside Course Reps and Subject Chairs.
Connie Chilcott, SU President Exeter


I’m Connie, your President Exeter for 23/24, I’m a spirited person who loves the ocean and you’ll often find me on the beach or in the sea! My background is centred around community organising and collaboration, I strongly believe that meaning can be found within our relationships with others. This belief has made me an empathetic person with a drive to create change in our communities. I find the ocean to be a magical and calming place, it rejuvenates me and allows me to decompress - something that’s necessary in our busy lives! I enjoy spending time surrounded by loved ones, usually sharing a home-cooked meal or laughing in nature; these relationships sustain and nourish me. With a care for our Earth and all inhabitants, I hope to encourage and uplift our diverse community to thrive and generate change.

- Connie Chilcott (She/Her)

News & updates

Roles & responsibilities

  • To be the recognised academic representative for members for the University of Exeter, attending high-level meetings.
  • Represent student views to the University of Exeter, FX Plus, local and national bodies.
  • To consult with the student members, both formally and informally, and represent their interests appropriately.
  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee of the Students’ Union ensuring the organisation is fulfilling its charitable purpose.
  • To support the development of the University of Exeter Student Rep system.
  • Work closely with the other Sabbatical Officers on joint priority campaigns to improve the student experience.
  • Work closely with the VP President roles, jointly working on projects and delegating as appropriate.

Manifesto priorities

Students deserve a University experience that is relevant to a modern context, taking into consideration the climate emergency and cost-of-living crisis. Our experience needs to prepare us for the changing environment post-University, empowering and equipping us with the skills to create change within our communities and career paths.

Our courses need to be updated, mapped to our lived reality, with content and teaching being applied to current issues to maintain relevance and enact change, holding institutions and entrenched attitudes to account.

Our innovation stems from collaboration, and the issues we face are ones we face together, as a community. Therefore we need to bring our studies out of our screens and into our communities, allowing us to lead in creating change at a grassroots and national level. This interdisciplinary collaboration increases belonging, both on Campus and in Cornwall.

Our vibrant and diverse community must be recognized and celebrated, with more experiential learning and communal discussion, our experiences and identities can be incorporated into our approaches to education and wider issues. This will generate change within our courses and the wider community, allowing networks to be created and forging tangible pathways to action.

Shared Priorities

  • Climate Action

Supporting students to cultivate power within their communities, helping them to take proactive steps towards realising the changes they want to see.

  • Communication and Engagement

Ensuring students are well-informed about what the SU is doing, as well as university services to prevent missed opportunities.

  • Building community

Helping students to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their Cornwall and/or University community.

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