The Octopus Feedback Tool

The Octopus, a brand new feedback tool! We have listened to you and have now created a streamlined platform that will work for you, and allow you to log feedback quickly and simply. Input your feedback about any topic or theme.
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The Octopus, a brand new feedback tool

We took your feedback on board about our previous feedback platform and have created a new streamlined platform that will work for you, and allow you to log quickly and simply.

Start logging feedback

It takes no time at all to log your feedback, and even though we always promote speaking to your Rep first, this is another way of sharing your voice and making your opinions heard.

The Octopus collects feedback from students about all aspects of university life. Tell The Octopus your opinions both positive and negative, and your suggestions about your entire university experience. Try to provide as much detail as possible in order for your feedback to be acted upon successfully! This includes providing a module code or module name if you are leaving feedback about a module.

For Truro Medical students, you will need to look feedback through your feedback tool, 'Unitu'. Find out more and how to use the tool on the Unitu site.


How it works

  1. Think

    What is going well? What is not going so well? What would you improve?

  2. Speak

    Tell us about it! We want to know how we can help make things better for you.

    Start logging feedback

  3. Wait

    We'll feed everything back to the right people and keep you updated on any progress through our website, the SU Presidents or on our hot topics page.


Who can use The Octopus?

All Falmouth and Exeter (Cornwall) students including Falmouth Flexible and other partnership institutions

Who sees my feedback? Is it anonymous?

Not to us, but yes to others. All feedback goes to the Student Voice team where we collect data from your log in details that helps us monitor trends across campuses, year groups and courses. We will share your feedback with the relevant SU Presidents, staff, departments, services, or reps who can help progress ideas and effect change but it will be anonymised.

So what happens next?

Your feedback will be collected by the Student Voice Team. We will analyse it and send it (anonymised) to the relevant reps, Presidents, officers or departments that can work to resolve your issue or implement your idea. This ensures your voice is heard and the SU is making change that will benefit you.

Overall trends in feedback will be highlighted on our "hot topics" page here. If you want to follow up on specific feedback, or want support starting a campaign, joining an existing student group or taking action another way please contact us at

Reporting hate crimes

This is not the tool if you require an immediate response or want to report discrimination/hate crime. If you need help now, please find a number of services that provide urgent support on the FX Plus site. You can also log your experiences and concerns on the Speak Out tool for both Falmouth and Exeter students.

FX Plus Student Support Speak Out

Reporting IT issues

For student support, IT services and queries about campus then head to FX Plus.

FX Plus

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