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If you're running in this years elections, you will find this page very handy!
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Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations might sound boring, but they are here to help you. Getting to know the process will ensure that you don't get caught out, so we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the ground rules

Download the election rules PDF


Supporting Documents

Trustee Eligibility Declaration Reimbursement Form

SSLC/G Endorsements Student Group Endorsements


Candidate FAQs

If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs, please feel free to get in contact with us at

What is the salary for SU Presidents?

Being a President is a 12 month full time paid position, and the salary is £20,675.

What support is on offer to candidates?

We will be running the following informative sessions:

  • Campaign briefings

    Wondering how to get elected? Then come along to one of our campaign briefings which will talk you through the process of making a manifesto, gathering a campaign team, creating key messaging and getting your point across to voters.

  • Ask An Officer

    Speak to a current President and they will tell you what the job is like and answer any questions you might have.

  • Welfare Champions

    Some of our lovely people at the SU have opted in to give over their time and make sure that you are feeling supported throughout campaigning! They will act as a friendly face to make sure your wellbeing is looked after, and can support you with any stress you may be feeling.

  • Once Elected

    Once elected you will have the whole Student Union team of staff to support your work. It’s worth also noting that the Universities really value the student voice and so they will also support you in what you hope to achieve.

What things do I need to consider with my campaign team?

Campaign teams must also abide my the Elections rules, just as candidates do, and you can start to consider building a team, but must not begin campaigning until the formal campaigning start date.

Who is R.O.N?

R.O.N stands for Re-Open Nominations, and is a valid option for all roles in our President Election. The purpose of R.O.N is to give all students an alternative option if they do not feel that there is a candidate who represents them effectively, has a manifesto they support or if they feel that none of the candidates are a viable option to get elected.

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