President Elections

We have arrived at the most exciting time of the year for the Students' Union: the President Elections 2021.
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The Results Are In!

It is time to formally announce your 2021/22 Presidents!

A massive thank you and well done to all of the candidates for their incredible digital campaigning this year, and to all the students that got involved and voted!

Watch our President Elections 2021 Results Video below or read the announcement article!

Your 2021/22 SU Presidents!

Congratulations to all of our new Presidents! We can't wait to see how you plan to instruct student-led change!

Your 2021/22 SU President Falmouth is... Ben Statham-Wilkins!

Your 2021/22 SU President Exeter is... Steven Preece!

Your 2021/22 SU President Student Experience is... Ellie Ricks!

Your 2021/22 SU President Welfare & Inclusivity is... Charlotte Agnew!

Prize Draw

We've teamed up with some incredible local businesses to create a President Elections 2021 voter prize draw!

If you voted in the President Elections 2021, you will have been automatically entered into a raffle prize draw, which will mean that, along with ensuring that your voice is heard in this election, you will be in for a chance of winning one of the following 13 amazing prizes!*

If you are one of the lucky winners, we will contact you by Friday 5 March. Good luck!

These prizes include:

We'd like to say a big thank you to all of the local businesses that have gotten involved and contributed to this amazing array of prizes! 

Find out more about the prize draw and businesses involved here!

President Elections Events

President Elections 2021 Events

What are the President Elections?

Each year, four current students are elected to spearhead the work of Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union in championing the voice of students from Falmouth University and the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campuses to spark positive change for the lived experience of students present and future. 

The 4 democratically elected roles are:  

  • President Falmouth 
  • President Exeter 
  • President Student Experience 
  • President Welfare and Inclusivity 

Download the Election Pack PDF

Your 2021 Candidates!

This year, we have had to do a lot of things differently, but if we have learned anything, it’s that your Student Voice is stronger and more powerful now than ever, making it more important then ever to use your vote!

This year we have the most candidates in our recent (and distant) history as an SU! The President Elections 2021 are proving truly to be an election like no other, in a year like no other, and this incredible turnout brings us a lot of hope for what’s to come.

Meet your presidential candidates, and read their all-important candidate manifestos, by clicking on their names below!

Your President Falmouth Candidates


Your President Exeter Candidates

Ellen Groom Photo    Ellen Groom

Your President Student Experience Candidates


Your President Welfare & Inclusivity Candidates

Yasmin Fosu Photo    Yasmin Fosu

Jedd Kulis Photo    Jedd Kulis

Amy Clay Photo    Amy Clay

Emma Lane Photo    Emma Lane

No photograph for candidate    Verity

Hannah Limb Photo    Hannah Limb

Any Questions? Thought so. 

We understand that you might have more questions regarding how the elections are going to work this year - thats why we've made a handy guide full of FAQs. You can read these below!

If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs, please feel free to get in contact with us at

Are the roles of Presidents paid jobs?

Yes! They are 12 month full time paid positions. The salary is £20,675.

What experience do you need to be a SU President?

None! You don’t need any previous experience. Your main responsibility is representing the student voice! If you are successful in getting elected, you will be trained, mentored and supported throughout your time as President so you can excel in your role.

What year of studying must I be in to be a SU President candidate?

You can be in any study year! Basically you need to be a current student at Falmouth University or University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses. Another title for the Presidents is ‘Sabbatical Officers’ as you can take a sabbatical, a year out of your studies. Or you can do it after your studies have finished, as long as you’re a current student when you get elected.

Why do I want to be an SU President?

There are so many reasons why this is an amazing opportunity! But here’s just a few:

  • It’s a paid job! For a year you will be paid to work full time on improving the student experience.
  • The experience and training you will gain during your role will greatly increase your employability options.
  • You will have the opportunity to sit in meetings with top university staff who will listen to you as one of the key representatives of the student voice.
  • You will be working and collaborating with a variety of SU staff with a wealth of experience
  • As President you will also be a Sabbatical Trustee. As member of the SU’s board of trustees you will gain invaluable experience of setting direction and strategy of a charity whilst ensuring the SU’s work is effective, responsible and legal. This is amazing for you CV!
  • You can make a big difference! You will help improve the student experience so that even if you’re in your final study year and therefore not benefitting from the change directly, there’s thousands of students who will!

What support is on offer to candidates?

We will be running the following informative sessions:

  • Campaign briefings

    Wondering how to get elected? Then come along to one of our campaign briefings which will talk you through the process of making a manifesto, gathering a campaign team, creating key messaging and getting your point across to voters.

  • Ask An Officer

    Speak to a current President and they will tell you what the job is like and answer any questions you might have.

  • Welfare Champions

    Some of our lovely people at the SU have opted in to give over their time and make sure that you are feeling supported throughout campaigning! They will act as a friendly face to make sure your wellbeing is looked after, and can support you with any stress you may be going through.

  • Once Elected

    Once elected you will have the whole Student Union team of staff to support your work. It’s worth also noting that the Universities really value the student voice and so they will also support you in what you hope to achieve.

How is the national lockdown impacting the elections?

We are delivering our elections fully online for nominations and voting, and in addition to this, will be sending all candidates updated guidance on campaigning in digital spaces and ways.

What things do I need to consider with my campaign team?

Campaign teams must also abide my the Elections rules, just as candidates do, and you can start to consider building a team, but must not begin campaigning until the formal campaigning start date.

Who is R.O.N?

R.O.N stands for Re-Open Nominations, and is a valid option for all roles in our President Election. The purpose of R.O.N is to give all students an alternative option if they do not feel that there is a candidate who represents them effectively, has a manifesto they support or if they feel that none of the candidates are a viable option to get elected.

In order to provide you with as much information as possible, we have also made a Glossary of Terms to make the process a little less mystifying. Consider it an election jargon-buster of sorts. It will be your best friend if you encounter any language that you don't quite understand!

Download the glossary of terms

Supporting Documents

If you are part of an SSLC/G or Student Group, you will find the following documents handy. Take a look below.

SSLC/G Endorsements Student Group Endorsements

The SU Illustration Brief

At Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union, it is hugely important that your student voice is heard and acted upon. As the President elections are a massive part of our annual Communications, we want as many students as possible to engage with us and become an active part of shaping the future of their University.

This year, for the first time in SU election history, we created a paid project brief in order to find a student who could produce a selection of illustrations for this campaign. We are proud to say that many amazing students applied, and it was a really hard decision to pick just one.

The successful candidate was Sophie Pecqueux, an incredible illustrator who completed her BA Hons in Illustration at Falmouth University and is in the process of completing her Masters. Thank you so much Sophie for the amazing work you have done for us! Check out her work on Instagram.


And thats not all - we are planning to implement many more opportunities just like this. Keep an eye out on our jobs page and social media for more information!

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