Checkpoint Survey

Congratulations! You made it to your next Checkpoint of your university experience. Complete the survey to share your journey so far and be in with a chance of winning a £300 cash prize!
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Share your experience with us!

Complete the survey below to share your university experience so far. Your highs, lows and in-between moments all add up to help us create a picture of what student life looks like right now.

All survey responders are entered into a prize draw to win a £300 cash prize!

Complete the survey now!

Open from 16 to 30 March 2023.

You will need to log in to the website to complete the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might have about the survey.

Why does my feedback matter?


The SU represents almost 10,000 students across three campuses and two institutions. By responding to the survey, you help us understand what your university experience looks like. The more people who complete the survey, the more we can make sure your needs are being met by us and our partner institutions.

What will happen with my responses?


We anonymise the data so your responses won't be traced back to you. We will use your answers to continue planning how the SU develops, making sure that we are meeting the goals laid out in our Here Together strategy and sharing your responses with our partner organisations.

Let's cut to the good stuff - how do I win the money?


Once the survey closes, we will choose a winner at random who will be contacted by email. We transfer the money directly to you.

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