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The Library

You said that you were unclear about the booking processes of the library as sometimes there was no available bookings and yet the library was empty, and sometimes you found people in the space you had booked. You also said that you wanted the library to remain open at night in order to meet deadlines.


Amelia Banton, President Student Experience has secured the Exchange on Penryn campus for overnight study space. If the demand for overnight study space increases then the library will reassess it’s opening times. Amelia is also in discussions about the library booking system and protocols if you find people in the study space that you’ve booked.



You said that the welfare service provided by FX Plus could be improved as the waiting times to access support were too long.


Charlotte Agnew, President of Welfare and Inclusivity is in discussion with David Dickinson about improvement of the welfare service including increasing capacity and simplifying the support application form. Check out Charlotte's page to see the progress she’s made.


Employability Options for Fashion and Textiles

You said you wanted more talks about internships and employability options for fashion and textile students.


Lizzy Marshall, President Falmouth, gave this feedback to RealWorks and they are looking into it. We’ll let you know when we hear more!


Workload Management

You said that you were struggling with managing your workload and motivation in the blended-learning environment. 


Cara Chittenden, President Exeter is working on reviving the Write Now campaign to bring all the resources together to support you with time and workload management skills, and also to show you where you can access support/mitigation if you’re really struggling. She’s also worked with Course Reps where specific courses are struggling with high workloads and has highlighted to the DVC Education, Tim Quine and the PVC Cornwall, Dave Hosken, that ELE resources need to be better signposted so students’ know exactly what they need to be doing.


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