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Welcome to ROS, our brand spanking new online tool, designed with your needs in mind to make submitting feedback about your course and overall student experience as straightforward as possible. With ROS, your voice can make a difference.
ROS - submit feedback about your course and overall student experience

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What is ROS?

The Rep Online System (ROS) can be used to give us your positive and negative feedback, as well as suggestions for change. Anonymous feedback about your course will be emailed to your Reps, who can use this data to escalate your suggestions to course providers. The Student Voice team will monitor all ROS feedback about your university experience and ensure it reaches the right people.

ROS (Rep Online System) is a simple system for all Students and Reps, where you can anonymously submit feedback about anything (and we mean anything) to do with your university experience- covering everything from catering, to where you live, to the Students' Union, to your course, to how your work is assessed. ROS helps us to collect all of this important feedback in one place, which helps us to better represent your student voice across all levels of your university experience.

Why should I care?

Your feedback goes straight to the people who need to know, so action can be taken quickly. We'd also encourage you to submit completely new ideas. Your voice can make a big difference!

ROS is a really simple way to get your voice heard. The feedback you submit through ROS will go directly to your Course Reps who have been trained to represent it effectively to the University. In short, it lets the Universities know what you think works well, and what doesn’t, so that the Students' Union and Universities can act on your feedback and make changes to ensure your student experience is the best it can possibly be. 

ROS is for you!

Despite what you might think, ROS can be used by any student. It's vital that you speak to your Rep to ensure your voice is heard.  Your Reps should use ROS with you but you can also go solo and use it yourself!

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If you need help logging a complaint, or have a grievance against a member of staff, please use The SU Advice Service.

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