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Make A Change is a powerful tool which enables you to submit ideas to the Student Council to be voted and acted upon. If other students vote in favour of your suggestion, the SU will work towards implementing it! Your voice can and will make a change.
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How Make A Change works for you

The Make A Change platform enables any student to submit an idea or campaign through the website without waiting for a rep meeting or Union General Meeting (UGM).

The proposal must:

  1. Have at least 25 likes, and 25 more likes than dislikes within 6 weeks of posting in order to be added to the SU Student Council agenda, otherwise it will be rejected.
  2. The SU Student Council will then decide the future course of action for the proposal based on their powers and remit. The SU Student Council can vote to:
    • Allocate the task to one or more council members to take responsibility for it
    • Reject the idea
    • Request more information or more evidence of support
  3. If the issue is considered a liberation Issue by the Elections & Democracy Committee, it should instead pass to the Liberation Committee to be voted on.

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The below suggestions were all submitted in academic year 2020/21. Some relate to ongoing actions but others will be archived as new ideas are suggested. If you want to find out more about the Student Council click here

Make A Change

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    300 voters

    Introduce a substantial mitigation policy for Exeter students

      With the government’s recent announcement of universities not returning to face-to-face teaching for the foreseeable future, it has affected and will continue to affect many students. Therefore, we would like the University of Exeter to introduce a mitigation policy equivalent to the no-detriment policy last summer to protect students’ grades in light of the new lockdown.
    Mollie Diamond
    4:25pm on 5 Jan 21 The unending uncertainty and isolation is having a seriously negative impact on my mental health, I have no inspiration to work and feel defeated not knowing how long it will be like this. I've missed so many opertunites I was looking forward to that would have been beneficial to my career.
    Nadia Tomsa
    7:51pm on 5 Jan 21 I am really struggling to complete university work and I know that the stress of the pandemic coupled with no in-person teaching is having a huge effect on my motivation and ability to do the work. We have been expected to do our research projects with no in-person teaching or contact (the most heavily weighted project of our degree). I believe that it would only be fair to give this year's students the same no detriment policy as 3rd year students las year received. This way, a research project done in the middle of a national lockdown and a stressful global pandemic will not ruin our entire degree.
    Ysabella Conway
    8:54am on 9 Jan 21 I have also had no in person teaching or contact for my entire third year. Working from home is really difficult. I would really appreciate a no detriment policy as the pandemic stopped me from doing a dissertation I was really interested in and it has been extremely difficult to remain focussed and motivated in these times. I have worked hard over my degree and don’t wish that to be nullified by a pandemic
    Gabriella Stewart
    1:11pm on 9 Jan 21 Have struggled to have any motivation over the whole of my third year. Have not stepped foot on campus. Lockdown has been serious detriment to mental health and ability to complete work to best of ability.

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