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Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union is the students’ union at Falmouth University and University of Exeter (Cornwall campuses).

As covered by the 1994 Education Act, at the point of registration for either university, students automatically become a member of The SU. This gives rights such as having a say in what The SU does and how The SU works, as well as full access to the range of support, advice, representation, entertainment and other activities.

Under the 1994 Education Act, all students have the right not to be a member of their students’ union. If you wish to exercise this right, please email The SU Chief Executive on

If you are a University of Exeter (Cornwall campuses) student then you are also an Associate member of the Exeter Guild of Students. 

If, as a University of Exeter student, you choose to opt out of The SU membership, then you have the right to apply in writing to the Exeter Guild of Students for full membership. It is not possible to be a full member of both The SU and the Exeter Guild at the same time.

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