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You're Brilliant Awards

What is a You're Brilliant Award?

The SU's “You’re Brilliant!” Awards are an instant recognition tool for students to identify staff members who they  feel are brilliant and have had a positive impact on their student experience.

We believe that you as students know best about who is brilliant and why. We do not have any categories for the award recipients and everyone put forward by a student will receive a certificate (this will be digital for the foreseeable future). There is no vetting process and no nomination panel with staff or students choosing who receives an award and who does not. You can recognise any staff member, whether that is a lecturer, a bus driver or someone who serves you coffee, we just need to know who and why. That way we can ensure the staff member gets the recognition for their fantastic work, regardless of their job title.

Nominate a member of staff who is brilliant

Recognising someone couldn’t be simpler:

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We will type up your nomination on a digital certificate word for word, so please check for typos before you submit!

The SU Awards Team will send the digital certificate on your behalf


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