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Who are Student Reps?

Student Reps are vital in making sure the student voice is heard at every level of the University decision making process! Every course year group has a student Rep, elected by their peers, who will gather your feedback and work with course leaders to ensure your voice is listened to, valued and acted upon. Reps work in partnership with the Students' Union, the University and the students to make sure the University environment in constantly evolving and shaping in response to your feedback.


What is a Course Rep?


Read the full Introduction to Student Reps video transcript here. 


Become a Student Rep

Nominations are happening now! Are you someone who enjoys getting involved, or who wants to help other students feel part of their university? Maybe you really love your subject, and want to work with other Reps and staff to explore how to engage students more. You don’t have to be the most confident or outgoing person to be a Rep; you just need to have an interest in creating a really great student experience.

Benefits include:

  • Access to training and resources for how to gather feedback, signpost students, and escalate feedback to the appropriate people
  • Developing transferrable skills in problem solving, leadership, networking, inclusivity and representation that will benefit your career path
  • The chance to influence and make positive change that ensures your course and university experience is the best it can be for you and your peers


Exeter Course Rep Role Description

Falmouth Course Rep Role Description

Link to 2020/21 Elections Page



Feed back to your Rep

Once elections for course reps have taken place (28th – 30th September) you will be able to find out who your rep is here. By keeping in contact with your Rep, you will be updated on any progress.

You can give feedback on:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Student community
  • Employability
  • Campus facilities
  • Wellbeing and support
  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Any other part of your university experience


Giving your feedback

Giving your feedback to Course Reps is the most effective way of making positive changes to your learning experience for you and your peers. If you have feedback about another element of your university experience, or if you would prefer to enter the feedback anonymously then please click on ROSto enter your suggestions for improvement.  


Find my Rep

Find your Student Rep specific to your course for the new academic year 2020/21 .



Get Involved!

Elections for Falmouth Reps will commence on the 28th September. Contact details for Course Reps will be updated the following week. Alternatively, if you are interested in becoming a Course Rep, then click here for more information.