Student Reps

Who are Student Reps?

Student Reps are vital in making sure the student voice is heard at every level of the University decision making process! Elected by students, Reps work in partnership with the Students' Union, the University and the students they represent to make sure the University environment is constantly evolving and shaping in response to your feedback.

Students Reps include: Course Reps, Falmouth Department Chairs, Exeter Subject Chairs and Halls Reps. You can learn more about each role below.


What is a Course Rep?



Find my Rep

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Elections for Falmouth Reps will commence on the 28th September. Contact details for Course Reps will be updated the following week. Alternatively, if you are interested in becoming a Course Rep, then click here for more information.


Giving your feedback

Giving your feedback to Course Reps is the most effective way of making positive changes to your learning experience for you and your peers. If you have feedback about another element of your university experience, or if you would prefer to enter the feedback anonymously then please click on ROS to enter your suggestions for improvement.