NUS – National Union of Students


What is NUS and how does it relate to you?

FXU, along with 600 other Students' Unions, is a member of the National Union of Students. This means that as a member of FXU, you are also a member of NUS unless you opt out. They represent 95% of the student population, which is more than seven million student voices. 

NUS divides its' work into 5 policy zones, each run by a Vice President. Each zone leads research and discussion on issues important to students, and delivers campaigns relevant to that area.

NUS Policy Zones


In addition to policy zones there are four liberation campaigns that exist autonomously within NUS. Being autonomous means each liberation campaign hosts their own annual conference and determines their own policy.

NUS Liberation Campaigns


How NUS Works with FXU

NUS offer training and development opportunities, as well as conferences to direct the work of its staff and elected reps (see diagram below):

How NUS works with FXU


Representing you nationally in NUS


NUS National Conference

Each year, FXU sends delegates to the NUS National Conference, which takes place in the Easter break. It is at the National Conference that NUS policy is debated, reviewed, and voted upon by students from all over the county which informs the work of NUS for the following year. The NUS National President & Vice Presidents are also voted in, along with the National Executive Committee (NEC) who support them.


How to apply

If you are interested in representing Falmouth & Exeter Students at the NUS National Conference, please express your interest by emailing in the first instance, outlining why you would be a good choice of delegate to represent students on behalf of FXU.


Other NUS conferences and programmes

There are lots of other NUS conferences, programmes and projects that run throughout the year. 

Find out more

If you are interested in attending any of these, get in touch with the Student Voice Team (and with as much notice as possible is most helpful!)