Liberation Committee


The Liberation Committee is here to work towards the equality of all students on campus, including representing marginalised / under-represented groups. This includes (but is not limited to) gender equality, racial equality, etc.  Any issues around marginalised groups can be considered by the committee's monthly meetings. Contact your committee members below by clicking on their pictures and let your voice be heard!

The governing document for the Liberation Committee is here - any changes to the Committee's remit need to be approved by the SU Student Council and SU Board of Trustees.

You can now follow the Liberation Committee on Facebook.


Position Representative
Disabled Students Rep Drew Fletcher
Women's Officer Amanda Murphy
BAME Officer Mei-Lei Mwanda
LGBTQ+ Officer LJ Ellam
Trans&nb Officer Miles Stoffberg
Widening Student Participation Rep Luke Conlin
Open Liberation Rep Dorian Shire