Faith Committee


The FXU Faith Committee is a new committee starting this year bringing the needs of students with faith to the forefront of what FXU does. This is your chance to feed back to Alexa Webster FXU President Community and Welfare and make change happen. Be it throwing events celebrating faith and belief, or working on problems to better support those who are religious, we want you to represent and support the different faith groups across our Cornwall Campuses. With Faith Officers and a Faith Chair on the committee there are many options available to you, so please get involved and let your voice be heard.


You can now follow the Faith committee on Facebook!


The governing document is here - any changes to the committee's remit need to be approved by the FXU Leadership Team and FXU Board of Trustees.

You can apply for any vacant position by filling in an application form. You can then be co-opted into the group for the remainder of the year.