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SU Policies

Policies are courses of action that The SU is mandated to do by its' members (you!).

Current policies that we have are available here.

How can I create a policy?

Would you like SU to support something, stand against something, or take a particular direction?

If so, please contact the Student Voice Team or drop into our offices for a chat. The Team is dedicated to helping you develop your ideas into actions that really affect the student experience.

Some of your ideas can be turned into formal policies...

How does the policy process work?

Once you have a proposal supported by students, there are three options to take it forward.

You can present students views as a 'motion' at:

  • Student Council  - an elected groups of representatives who can act on your behalf
  • Union General Meeting (UGM) or a Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • As a Referendum - this requires 100 signatures to back your proposal, then results in the whole student population having the chance to vote on whether to support the issue or not! 

All of the above will require your 'motion' to be voted on, so it is important to evidence that the issue is important to lots of students. If your motion is voted in and is accepted by the Board of Trustees, your proposal becomes an offical direction or stance of SU which the Presidents and staff will work on to improve.

You can read the full explanation of the process here, in the SU Bye-Laws.



You can download a policy proposal form here.

If you have any questions, or to get your completed form looked over, drop into the SU office or email us on: