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The FXU “You’re Brilliant! Awards” are an instant recognition tool for students to identify staff members who they feel are “brilliant” and have had a positive impact on their student experience. We believe that students have the most insight into who is “brilliant”, based on personal experience with the staff within the university environment. We do not have not any categories for the award recipients, which will ensure that there are no limitations on why staff deserve recognition. Everyone put forward by a student will receive a certificate and mug with their first award. Any staff member can be recognised, whether they be a lecturer, bus driver or someone who serves you coffee, we just need to know who and why. That way, we can ensure that all staff members can be appreciated and get recognition for their fantastic work, regardless of their job title. Once the nomination is submitted, the YBA (You’re brilliant Award) Team will go out and deliver the award by surprising the unsuspecting staff member with their mug and certificate.

“The 'You're Brilliant Award' is a great initiative for students to recognise the efforts of staff members. Our staff members go beyond their duties to support us and this is a great opportunity for us to appreciate their efforts. The best part of the process is actually delivering the awards to the staff member and seeing the appreciation on their faces.”
Mining Engineering Student


The best thing about this initiative is that students are able to nominate anyone and truly show thwir appreciation for everything that they have done. FXU and some of the colleges historically have often hosted awards evenings to celebrate the students, so we’ve decided to switch places and let the students award staff members. The responses that we have had from those receiving the awards thus far has been hugely positive.  Some staff have said that it has put a smile on their faces after a bad day. Beyond this, the YBA Team have said how lovely it is to give an award out.

“Just to say it was very touching to have this happen and I really want to thank the students involved for this very nice gesture. Teaching and engaging with students is by far the best part of my job.”
Politics Lecturer, University of Exeter

These nominations are also great in the way that it allows us to identify the reasons for staff being nominated, and pass that on to their different departments. If the departments are aware of the amazing things that their staff members are doing, which have a positive impact on the student experience, then they can encourage these actions further. Overall, this initiative is manifesting a feeling of encouragement and appreciation in our university communities, and helping us to realise what it is that the staff do that really positively impacts student experience.

“An opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to the lecturers and seminar leaders who work tireless to educate and empower us to be the best that we can be.”
Politics and International Relations Student

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You're Brilliant Awards 2018

You're Brilliant Awards