Voices Volume 2: Interfaith

Event Breakdown

On Monday 4th December 2017, the Voices Project launched Volume 2: Faith at the Interfaith chaplaincy on campus. The pages of this volume are filled with honest discussions and explorations of what faith means to them, so. The Interfaith volume addresses experiences of intolerance in society against religious denominations, along with personal struggles and formative experiences in finding or establishing faith.

“[Interfaith is] the sustainable tool we use to build the fair, welcoming and diverse society that all progressives are working towards.”
NUS UK Vice President Welfare
“There is an integrity and honesty to their words of hope and difficulty, joy and passion.”
Co-ordinating Chaplain, Multifaith Chaplaincy at Falmouth University & Exeter University in CornwalL

To mirror the intimate, personal nature of the views shared within the pages of the publication, the Voices team collaborated with FXU and the Chaplaincy to provide a quiet evening full of insightful conversation in a safe and welcoming environment.

Impact Breakdown

The views and experiences expressed really demonstrate just how personalised each individual’s experience with and understanding of faith really are, demonstrating a need for better representation, tolerance and understanding of different cultural and religious belief systems and practices. The project itself has significantly contributed to this process, actively encouraging such tolerance and understanding. The online and printed versions of this publication are still available, so its impact is sure to be ongoing.

“The piece gave me a platform to voice my opinions on faith and find confidence vocalising such thoughts. I’m fortunate enough to have made friendships from this opportunity.”
2nd Year, BA English Literature and History
“The beauty of Voices is how it achieves the expression of such concepts [tolerance, equality and acceptance] through an acutely personal lense.”
3rd Year English Literature and Voices Project co-ordinator

The students involved in the story-sharing process have expressed their gratitude for having such a free and authentic platform, and for the ability to get their voices heard. Collaborating with the Chaplaincy for the launch event has also been a valuable venture- creating a relationship between the Voices team and the Chaplaincy staff, and also facilitating new relationships within the Interfaith community for students that attended the launch event.

Find out more

  • To find out more about the launch of Volume 2: Faith, access the HerCampus article covering the event here
  • To access Volume 2: Faith, click here.
  • If you wish to visit the Chaplaincy:
    • On the Penryn Campus, the Multifaith Chaplaincy is located at
      Cottage 8, Tremough Barton Cottages (down the lane past the Sports Centre).
    • There is dedicated space on the Falmouth Campus within Kerris Vean (The red-brick building on Woodlane).
  • The chaplaincy is open for students of all faith, and welcomes all for prayer, meditation, reflection, peace and quiet or for general spiritual or pastoral needs.
    For further information regarding the chaplaincy, you can contact the chaplaincy via email: chaplaincy@fxplus.ac.uk.