Spring Awakening: Tremough Follies Puts on Sell-Out Performance

Event Breakdown:

This year’s annual musical by the Tremough Follies Musical Theatre Society was the eponymous Spring Awakening, a show which traces the formative years of a group of teenagers in late 19th-Century Germany. The musical is an adaptation, by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater of an earlier German play  by Frank Wedekind (wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_Awakening_(play) ) The plot forms around the effects of growing up in the sexually oppressiove culture of the time and place, and as a result of this touches upon the sensitive themes which such a culture has the potential to breed.

Open auditions took place in November, and the rehearsal and production process developed over the following 7 months, creating the incredibly high-calibre performance which was presented in the AMATA theatre in three poignant performances 18th -19th May.

“Whilst at times difficult I think the subject nature of the show was really important, it was empowering to be presenting a story that not only broke down boundaries of what’s done within theatre but also to be part of something so deliberately outrageous and for all the right reasons; it felt educational.”
Wendla Bergmann

The show itself boasted a large array of rock-influenced musical numbers-over 20 throughout the whole production- which demonstrated an impressive handling of lyrics, choreography and harmonies. The evening shows were a sell-out, allowing the 35 members of cast and crew to demonstrate their talent, dedication and hard-work to an enthralled audience on both occasions.


The nature of societies is incredible in providing opportunity for bringing a diverse group of students together. The cast demonstrated the results of such an excellent collaborative opportunity, with members from both Falmouth and Exeter universities enrolled on courses ranging from Music to English Literature to Film to Geography. Everyone came from different social and academic backgrounds, being brought together through the unifying power of musical theatre- something which should definitely be celebrated. One of the show’s directors, Cassy Hoare, explains the impact of this unity, saying that

“It is so humbling that all these students have come together for a musical, and Follies becomes like one big family over so many months of working together to put on a fantastic show.”
Co-Director of Tremough Follies

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