Speak Week. You spoke about Sustainability. We listened.

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There were 69 pieces of feedback relating to sustainability from speak week. The following themes were the most prevalent:

This is what happened:Sarah Redman, President Student Experience said: “I have worked closely with the Green Council and lobbied the FXPlus who have agreed to trial an aerobic digestor in the New Year. This will lead to Vegware being recycled providing renewable energy and bio fertiliser”.

“A happy hour has also been introduced to engage students with cheaper drinks – this came from speak week feedback about the cost of the Stannary.”

This is what happened: Sarah Redman, President Student Experience said: “I am working with FXPlus catering teams to review the locations of all water fountains and to introduce new ones where needed. The Green Council is also lobbying to get rid of all single-use plastic water bottles on site – and this is currently moving forward positively”.

This is what happened: Sarah Redman, President Student Experience said: “The SU is actively involving the Green Council and Environment and Ethics Officer in sustainability decisions made by the Universities, FXPlus and the SU. From sitting on the board for the climate emergency working group for the University of Exeter, to attending the Strategic Sustainability Group for all parties, we are working hard to increase student presence at these big decision-making bodies”.