Speak Week. You spoke. We Listened.

Did you know you have the power to make change? In fact, you already have. Last November, we held our first Speak Week, where you fed back on what works well and what can be improved. We asked for your opinions on everything from student opportunities to welfare and the academic experience, as well as sustainability. Your feedback is invaluable as it informs the future of The Students' Union and the student experience.

We received hundreds of individual pieces of feedback last year, including comments on The Stannary, timetabling, bus fares, and counselling.

We’ve been working with our key stakeholders to tackle these issues and more. Your feedback has already resulted in the following changes:


You said you wanted to see more options for casual sports, as many sports teams are focused on competition.

We have been working in partnership with ResLife on Hwetha, a programme of accessible and non-competitive activities. These include yoga, table tennis, badminton, running, dance, and spinning while watching movies. More outdoor sessions will be added to the programme next term.


You said Stannary events are too expensive.

We fed this back to the team, who are looking at reducing production costs to keep ticket prices as low as possible. They’ve also introduced a Happy Hour.


You said you wanted to see more animal welfare sessions.

You can now have doggo cuddles every Monday! Book a session with Ernie at thesu.org.uk/animaltherapy


You said you wanted easier access to ASK sessions.

We fed this back to the team and they added 12 extra sessions throughout the week.


You said you were concerned that Vegware wasn’t being composted.

We fed this back to FX Plus, who have agreed to trial an aerobic digestor. This will lead to Vegware being recycled. providing renewable energy and bio fertiliser.


Click on the different themed tabs below to see what other changes have been made in the last few months as a result of your feedback.

All next week (9-13 March), we will be out and about across campuses finding out what really matters to you. What changes do you want to see next? Be sure to speak out next week (and beyond) and have your voice heard.


We're also holding our final Big Rep Meeting of the year on Friday 6 March, so have a chat with your Rep this week about what you want fed back immediately to senior university staff. Remember, you have the power.

Speak up, speak out, and have your voice heard.


                         Check out the feedback we received this Speak Week.


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