Sexhibition Event


Event Breakdown

On Tuesday 5th December 2017, between 4 and 8pm, FXU hosted ‘Sexhibition’- an engaging, awareness raising event on everything about sex. The exhibition segment of the event was hugely varied and collaborative, with involvement from FXU, FXU President for Community and Welfare- Harry Bishop, FXU Raise and Donate Society (RAD), FXU Fetish Society, Ann Summers, Chlamydia Screening, Sexual Health Cornwall and Cornwall Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (CRASAC). Each of these organisations held a stall, with representatives present to answer questions, perform demonstrations, provide information and even offer screenings for students in attendance.

“Falmouth's SEXhibition was a fantastic event that promoted good sexual health choices and helped us in increasing awareness of the Chlamydia Screening Programme.”
Chlamydia Screening Promotion Worker

Following the exhibition-style event, a quiz was hosted in the Upper Stannary- a fun and engaging way for students to test how much they know about sex and relationships.



99% of students who attended agree that the event was at least to some degree educational, with 60% of students praising its predominantly educational benefits. A significant proportion of students also said that the event has changed their perspective on how the thought about their sexual behaviours or approach towards sex and relationships.


Attraction and interaction with individual stalls at the event is indicative of further personal impact. The Rodeo Bull was a nucleus of activity, proving that having a fun, social element to a welfare event really makes it more accessible, exciting and digestible for students. The Fetish Society stall, for instance, was constantly surrounded by students asking questions and keen to learn about something perhaps new. The Chlamydia Screening stall also recorded a huge impact, screening a total of 88 students in the one session- this was record-breaking for the screening organisation, and massively important in students having an awareness of their sexual health status.


Overall, it was a hugely successful event, and the FXU and external organisations involved are looking into creating a similar, and perhaps larger, sexual health event in the future!

“SEXhibition was a truly naughty event packed with lots of educational opportunities.”
Creative Events Management Student

Links to More Info

For more info about the Sexhibition event, contact your FXU President Community & Welfare, Harry Bishop at