Intramural Football Expansion


Intramural is an inter-campus sports initiative, enabling students to play competitive sport weekly. Following Jamal Clarke’s manifesto point to “introduce more intramural sports on campus-at a fairer price” the FXU has significantly expanded its intramural programme this year.

The programme is now offering:

  • Basketball,
  • Netball,
  • Badminton Doubles
  • 5-a-side Football leagues.

(All of the above are open to all genders, and the idea is to widen participation as much as possible)

“The intramural is now something we look forward to every week, a space of joy and sport, particularly as a stress-relief from my Masters!”


Since the changes made to intramural, there has been a significant participation increase, especially as a result of the football leagues, held at Acorn Multisports. As a result of the new programme, 120 people have been playing football on Fridays who wouldn’t have been doing it before. In addition to this, the eight participating teams has increased significantly, to 20, marking an increase of 250%.


Intramural Expansion has also increased accessibility and affordability, following a decrease from £80 to £25 entry fee per team. Following this entry fee, there is now a smaller fee of £10 per match per team, which works out as £2 per person per week.


Last year you had to pay for both terms, whereas intramural has prevented this monetary commitment being biannual.


It has also hugely increased the flexibility for people involved, intramural expanding the league into the second term as a result of high demand, resulting in an increase in football opportunity throughout the year

“10/10 would reccoment to a friend.”
on behalf of ABCDE FC

More info

For more information, or to enquire, head to the FXU Intramural Facebook page. or contact


Intramural Football Expansion